Our Clinic Pets



You will find Mr. Snowabll, our resident pet greeter, sitting at our door welcoming every pet and owner that enters the Brampton Georgetown Animal Hospital (BGAH). Constantly on the move, his hobbies are jumping and playing with kids and he loves to have food sitting in front of him. He thinks, if food is there need to be finished, despite is he hungry or not, othewise it consider as a food's insult.

And time to time he loves to do surprise inspection of inventory in clinic.



Our resident clinic cat, Pepsi, is a ball of love, affection and greed. He loves a good treat and cuddles with his favorite people. He enjoys the company of other cats and dogs, and will always show respect after the passing of one of our beloved patients. 

Always be on the look-out for the little ninja waiting in the shadows for his perfect attack.

"meow" - Pepsi, 2023




 Old man Rambo, our old and beloved clinic cat, passed away in December of 2022.

 A loving and stinky cat who always lit a smile on everyones face and never hesitated 

to give a good snuggle when needed.